Robert Wilson, Talent Manager at FOMO Models sees social revolution in the modelling industry

Robert Wilson, Talent Manager at FOMO Models Speaks on the social revolution happening in the modelling industry

Fomo Models helps their models develop a healthy Instagram following and become verified so brands want to promote their products on their social channels.

Noticing a huge gap in the market, Fomo Models has been making the most of fashion models who haven’t been able to do their day-to-day jobs during COVID 19.

“When I started scouting models, I noticed that some model agents had what they called a “digital” division that mainly managed the social accounts of a small number of talent, singers, actors etc. The actual models, however, were hardly using their social media platforms for work so I saw it has an opportunity to explore”, says Robert Wilson, Director of FOMO Models.

Fomo Models, a London based model management company started three years ago helps their models develop a healthy Instagram following and become verified so brands want to promote their products on their social channels. It’s founder Robert Wilson, has one of the best eyes in the business for spotting a rising star and securing them a contract with a big model agency. 

“I’ve always been really active scouting on social media, and one of my early and now biggest models Addis Miller was starting to get lots of attention on Instagram, but it was only when I managed a model who appeared on ITV’s Love Island the world of fashion content really opened up for us” says Robert.

Fomo Models has 50 models placed with model agents around the world. These agents look after all their fashion work whilst Fomo Models concerns itself with finding social media jobs for its models.

“The commission we received from model agencies used to be our main source of income, but during COVID 19 that dipped because models couldn’t travel to work, in its place clients were asking models to create content at home and post it in their own social media platforms. Before we knew it our models had become social influencers overnight and had a brand new revenue stream”.    

You often hear the flippant comment “Instagram changed the world”, well it’s definitely changed modelling, this change, like a lot of things was sped up in the aftermath of COVID 19 and the new-normal way of working. Brands had already started to utilise the Instagram pages of their favourite models, but when they couldn’t shoot these models on a set they had no other option but to pay them to work from home and use their personal platforms to advertise for them.  

Some brands still like to have celebrity endorsements, which makes sense from a branding image point of view but when it comes to selling units the model/social influencer is a really the best return of investment. 
“Our model/ social influencers also provide fantastic sales for our clients, they might not all have the blue tick but their social engagement is 10 x higher than some of your top celebrity influencers”. Explains Robert.