Fat Cat Killer Set to Launch under the ticker symbol 'Killer'

Fat Cat Killer Set to Launch under the ticker symbol ‘Killer’

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Innovative crypto payment solution providers, Fat Cat Killer, announce their official launch date on May 11th 2022

Fat Cat Killer is a new BEP20 token set to officially launch on Wednesday May 11th, 2022 under the
ticker symbol ‘KILLER’. The project, which includes the “Killer Pay” and “Killer Wallet” applications, aims
to be the best medium for merchant processing by integrating with commonly used retail POS systems.
Killer Pay & Killer Token will integrate with POS systems in restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, festivals,
gentleman’s clubs, and luxury brands retailers. It will enable buyers to purchase goods and services
using their digital assets, allowing them to enjoy extremely low transaction rates with a “cash back”
mechanism for all the $KILLER token holders.

Fat Cat Killer partnered with Strike Force Technologies, a 5-star rated leader in cyber-security firm with a
long history, good track record, and a new patent in the blockchain. Strikeforce is not only responsible
for providing the most secure Wallet on the market, but a secure integration platform for crypto-based
payments to widely used Point of Sale systems in retail outlets.

Billy Blatty, from the Panamanian based F.C.K Foundation, says “We’re thrilled to announce that we
recently have passed multiple Audits and KYC compliance and that our Merchant partner list is growing
exponentially. We currently have over 50 brands committed to us at present, and we expect to have
over 200 sometime this summer.” For further information visit www.fatcatkiller.com.

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