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Entrepreneur Rohit Ranjan’s Innovura Is A Success Story

Innovura Entertainment/Events is an Independent Music label, Production House, Artist and Event Management Company

Entrepreneurs are making headlines all over the world. With startups popping up in every corner, competition for small businesses is at an all-time high. But what is a business without risks? One such entrepreneur who believes in taking massive risks is Mr Rohit Ranjan, CEO and Co-Founder at Innovura Entertainment and Innovura Events.

The 21 year old entrepreneur first dipped his toes in the fields of Real Estate and Event Production before making it to the Music industry. When asked what keeps him going, Mr. Ranjan shared with us his business mantra- “Innovation is key to a successful business. If an idea worth pursuing comes to mind, make it your goal and don’t stop till you’ve achieved it.”

It is said that all great minds start young. This holds especially true for this innovative go-getter. An ambitious mind, audacious attitude and an avant-garde lifestyle encapsulate Mr. Ranjan’s persona.

His ideas have always been out of the ordinary and he does well to make sure they reach the right audiences.

His vast knowledge and business perspective dwell in the versatility of his experiences. Having gathered an abundant amount of experience from his previous ventures is what gave him a foot hold to run successful businesses today.

His most recent venture- Innovura Entertainment/Events, an Independent Music label, Production House, Artist and Event Management Company has it’s a primary focus on giving hip-hop music in India the recognition it deserves. The fast-growing music label has made news in multiple newspapers and reputed business magazines within a few months after it’s launch.

When asked about his purpose Mr Ranjan describes it as his calling, something he feels deeply connected with and makes it his mission to do his absolute best towards it.

His fresh and unique perspective on life stands unmatched and he’s always brimming with out-of-the-box ideas for his company. The young businessman is a long way from his goals and yet his journey alone proves to be an inspiration to many.

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