eFORCE – Silicon Valley Techie leading the infrastructure transformation in India

Asutosh Katyal the founder of eFORCE - Digpu

eFORCE is the real estate tech platform to bridge the gap between developers, labour, contractors and vendors

Indian infrastructure industry has seen a continuous struggle throughout the past decade as the major players have not been able to be pally with the technology, inconsistency in the labour supply market, delay in the projects, and opaque or so transparent payment process. All of this was closely watched by a computer scientist in the USA who had roots and family in India. 

Twenty-Seven Years old Asutosh Katyal who founded the eFORCE app went to the University of Illinois with all the questions he wanted to get answered about how to digitally transform the Indian real estate market. When Katyal came back to India, he knew that only degree knowledge won’t be enough in this badly complicated and unorganized industry.

Asutosh started his real estate career with construction major Capacit’e Infraprojects. Even though the company was owned by the family, he was always treated as an employee and was given on-field exposure. The traffic, sun, sand, and the long days and long hours on construction sites helped the green card holding computer scientist conceptualize a product with a potential to bring changes to the lives of many as well as the way people looked at the sector. His resolve was further strengthened looking at the plight of construction labourers owing to the outbreak of a pandemic. He knew something had to be done that too on a war footing

Asutosh went to the drawing board and created the eFORCE app during the pandemic. eFORCE is India’s first real estate tech platform to bridge the gap between developers and specialized labour contractors and vendors. Intending to organize the labour contractor market in the real estate industry, eForce provides excellent value to the general contractor by saving them time, money and also provides more value to labour contractors and specialized vendors, by helping them find new projects in all the geographies which add to their work efficiency.

Asutosh knew that Construction is the second-largest employer in India and it is facing great uncertainty during the COVID times. During the period of uncertainty, especially surrounding the availability and remobilization of migrant labour- the eForce platform connects Developers with relevant Labour Contractors and specialized vendors. Through this initiative, he believes the Indian Construction industry can gain momentum and bounce back faster while providing relevant and continuous work to India’s skilled and unskilled migrant labour. This app will be rapidly ushering a new way to work with skilled labour contractors while reducing delays in projects for developers and General Contractors owing to a lack of relevant man-power.

The infrastructure industry has always faced challenges in urban areas with unavailability of quality labour. This has added to industry’s core challenges of slow pick up in construction activity, supply chain disruptions, large scale labour migration specially from Mumbai and Delhi as well as liquidity challenges. The situation was actually very grim and no one had a clue, where things were leading during the C-19 times. the eFORCE app came to the rescue of the corporate and migrant labours both and has more than 3,50,000 labour registration through labour contractors taking the labour availability to 100% from 5% during the lockdown.

Powered with AI and analytics, eForce platform will allow the general contractor and labour contractor to discover each other, and will help the developers to find the right fit according to bandwidth, expertise, and experience. The digital platform also ensures transparency in the payment as it will minimize the friction in settlement post the contract. The app is available in three languages Hindi, English, and Marathi and many languages will be added soon to connect with the labour force from geographies pan India. eForce is available for download on Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store.

According to Katyal, the vision of Captech Technologies’ eFORCE platform along with the Capacite group of companies has always been to bring the entire Indian Infra industry closer through technology, digitization, and building quality buildings and structures in record times through consistent innovation.