Dr Sitanshu Singh finds his true calling at Thinkfiniti Education

Sitanshu Singh has counselled around 2.5 lakh clients at Thinkfiniti from all over India comprising students, parents and teachers.

Elon Musk once said, “It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” Dr Sitanshu Singh is a person who, every day, makes a choice. A choice to strive towards extraordinary work. His humility, vibrant personality and a strong drive to provide value; have attracted students towards his Counseling and Mentoring Firm, Thinkfiniti Education Pvt. Ltd.

Hailing from humble beginnings in Lucknow, this then 16 year old, with a strong intrinsic desire to be constructive, decided to start executing the ideas in his head. He was not one to sit idly and observe the passage of his most valuable resource and asset, time. Driven by a desire to be productive and his passion for music, he drew out a list of various contact numbers in order to perform live wherever a good opportunity was presented. Singing his heart out under the alias, Aditya Chauhan; a name he has now transformed into a brand image. This was but the beginning of his journey.

A few years later, a newspaper ad for an interview in a counseling company caught his eye. Their requirements? A confident person able to communicate well, and an undergraduate degree; one he was too young to have yet procured. Regardless; undeterred and unshaken, he confidently walked into the interview room and landed the job. He learnt how to engage students and counsel them, sharpening his counseling skills over time, absolutely being in love with his job and adding value to students, 25000 of them during his one year tenure there. It was during this period that he began work on his own venture, Thinkfiniti Education.

Inspired by his relatives in medical fields, watching them heal people; alongside a desire to academically challenge himself; he gained admission into MCODS, Manipal as a dental student. Despite BDS being a 5-year long, rigorous and challenging course; he began teaching music through another venture, Quality Creations. The Sitanshu Singh charm and inclusive attitude towards his students earned him a stellar reputation among them and an ever-expanding customer base in a new city, where he didn’t even speak the local language just yet. He loved communicating, regardless of any barriers.

Dr Sitanshu Singh finds his true calling at Thinkfiniti Education - Digpu News

Inspired by, and with the valuable assistance of his friend and colleague, Zabeer (founder of TBN pools); Sitanshu also set up a car dealership with a large international network; Posh Brands. With so much work on his hands; and the final, most crucial exams approaching; some failures were bound to be experienced. Posh Brandz and Hungry Homies, another venture in the food industry; were eventually deemed failures. He, however, began working as a member of TBN pools’ Board of Directors.

Having experienced and tried out the menu, so to speak; he learnt some valuable lessons, thereby growing as an individual and entrepreneur. He found his true purpose and dream, via Thinkfiniti Education. Now, even more empathetic towards the dilemmas of students, and graduating into Dr Sitanshu Singh, he turned his entire attention towards his primary venture, Thinkfiniti Education.

 By this date, Thinkfiniti has counselled around 2.5 lakh clients all over India; comprising students, parents and teachers; by utilizing their vast network of experts in various fields that the company has and is forming deep-rooted partnerships with. Thinkfiniti is providing a unique approach to services like career counselling for a variety of different professions, some, more unconventional than the others; personal counselling, memory training, parent counselling, teacher training etc.

The company believes in a complete holistic and adaptive approach towards counseling and mentorship, especially in a constantly changing world like ours. He truly believes that the ulterior potential of every student’s mind shouldn’t be restricted to the confines of societal norms or an individual’s lack of self- belief. Thinkfiniti, instead, sees value in those who are unable to see it in themselves; and teaches them, not only to see and understand it for them, but also to use it to attain complete personal and professional fulfillment.

Pure determination, fervor, and professionalism have transformed this simple boy from Lucknow into a passionate, self-made entrepreneur and mentor.

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