Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan Talks About Learning To Coexist And Inclusion In Nature

Siddhi Volunteers will be COVID KNIGHTS in the coming months. 

country is fully capable of handling the crisis that has enveloped the planet.
This is a time to not criticize our leaders and their decisions. This is a time
for inclusive action. It is time to get together, be motivated to overcome this
crisis using all means necessary including following expert advice like social
distancing and isolation. 

We need to collectively realize the seriousness of this situation and take all precautions now. I feel sad to see people still being divided on the basis of religion or social status at this time. I firmly believe that the planet had no other option but to bring this upon humans so it could take a breather from all the exploitation and abuse. Nature has once again established how it has supreme power. 

One such self-leadership initiative is the idea of COVID-Knights. Every citizen dawns a virtual armour and takes responsibility for their neighbourhood. Whenever a COVID-Knight observes a violation of the lockdown and social distancing rules, they should inform the local authorities while expressing their disapproval from a safe distance. 

This will help bring a sense of responsibility and awareness in each one of us while also ensuring the select few who are not adhering to the lockdown to be more mindful. Even after this lockdown ends, life will never be the same. We will be pushed out of our comfort zones into a transformed era. People must understand the gravity of what we are facing and do their bit. Sitting in the comfort of our house and complaining of being bored or having nothing to do is being irresponsible. We have doctors, nurses, police personnel, paramilitary jawans doing their duty, putting their own and their families’ lives at risk.

Volunteers of Siddhi, a non-profit, have been extensively working on several initiatives including environmental conservation programmes, skill development programmes, female empowerment initiatives, veteran counselling and support programs, etc. With the world being enveloped by the COVID-19 epidemic, Siddhi’s volunteers have once more stepped up to serve the society selflessly and support the government in its endeavour to mitigate the spread of this virus in our country. All volunteers of Siddhi, Powered by Humanity will be COVID-Knights and take responsibility for their communities. 

The volunteers are especially motivated to work under the guidance of the founder, Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan to help the police personnel and paramilitary jawans in ensuring proper personal protective equipment is provided to them during the ongoing lockdown.

Meenaa Mahaajjan is a spiritual life coach and a holistic wellness expert who
has been teaching the science of our ancient scriptures at corporates,
universities and individuals. She has represented India on international
platforms to talk about the rich spiritual culture and tools for living a
healthy and prosperous life. 

She is the founder of ‘Siddhi, Powered by Humanity’, a non-profit that has been established to help individuals lead holistic and wholesome lives. The ideology behind Siddhi seeds from the belief of ‘Selfless Service’, a concept that has been restricted in meaning in the present times. Siddhi aims to selflessly serve and help motivate its volunteers and members to selflessly serve the society, environment and the planet as a whole. Through its various programs, Siddhi professes Change and Transformation of one’s self and the society on a macro level. Changes at the micro-level help bring about changes at the macro level that are able to bring about Transformations needed to establish a more open, healthy and progressive society. 

At Siddhi, all initiatives are conceptualized and constructed on a solid foundation of teamwork, harmony, loyalty and honesty of individuals who under the constant guidance of founder Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan, have been taught about the importance of the harmonious sync of their Physical Quotient, Mental Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Siddhi has from the beginning designed its work and initiatives around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. Siddhi has a workforce of young and empowered youngsters eager to bring about a positive change in society. Siddhi wants to reflect this kind of motivation and rigour for a better society on to the entire youth of the country. It is time to spread the message of coexistence, sustainability and inclusivity by being a COVID-Knight.

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