Khaleej Times and Digpu News Network announced partnership

Digpu News Network inks partnership deal with Khaleej Times

The Digpu News Network -Khaleej Times agreement will help promote extraordinary talent through the wide distribution of PR and news content 

Continuing with its efforts towards showcase and motivate outstanding start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the globe, India’s leading PR and news distribution company Digpu News Network has inked an exclusive partnership with UAE-based news publishing major Khaleej Times. Over 500 Indian start-ups and SMEs have been exposed to the global news and media space by the premier news agency in the last four years.

‘Mission to promote Indian talent and skills globally’

“Our mission is to promote Indian talent and skills in the global market, and our partnership with Khaleej Times will help talented Indians establish business relationships and explore opportunities in West Asian countries, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Iran,” Kunwar Devender Singh, Founder, Digpu News Network, said.

Khaleej Times, founded in 1978, is the UAE’s most widely-read and longest-running English daily newspaper. Digpu News Network will disseminate brand content and news stories on and over the first three years of their collaboration.

“In the next three years, we hope to generate $5 million in revenue. We will work on various media initiatives for eligible entrepreneurs throughout the globe in addition to content distribution,” Singh elaborated.

Digpu News previously introduced market-disrupting media initiatives

Digpu News Network had previously introduced market-disrupting news media initiatives as it partnered with Indian major media companies such as Hindustan Times, Network18 and Forbes India.

Apart from major news platforms, the news agency also brought hundreds of smaller regional news networks in India and abroad under the limelight by promoting their in-depth journalistic works on its associated news partners’ websites.

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