Digital Media Changing The Face Of Press Releases


Online press releases serve as credible sources of information that can be accessed anytime on the internet

Press releases were originally defined as official statements issued to newspapers giving out information on a particular matter, according to Wikipedia. With the world going digital, news consumption also became digital and so did the forms of news dissemination, press releases and advertisements. India joined the league of digitalized nations across the globe. We referred to it as the ‘Digital India Campaign’. It brought in a large section of the Indian population online and gave them an active presence in the world.

Attention Span of the Millennials

Millennials don’t indulge in conventional newspaper reading anymore. They are more interested in grabbing bits and pieces of information from every possible information source, irrespective of the medium. The attention span is less. So information needs to be conveyed in crisp and clear manner. Entrepreneurs, success coaches and business gurus swear saving time is the key to improving productivity.

Digital Image- The Most Credible Reputation

Nowadays, search engine reputation is the most credible. Most viewers don’t re-check the accuracy of the news they consume from their favourite news channels. An individual or a situation is considered to be more or less what the top online channels and search engines portray you. Online Press Releases are one of the easiest ways to build your reputation.

Online Press Releases: Eco-Friendly News Distribution

The world can’t deny the harm that has been done to nature due to vested interests of humans. But slowly people and mindsets are changing and many are working towards saving paper and trees. The age-old concept of newspaper publishing, distribution and dedicated readership is fading away. Online Press Releases are replacing newspapers. This is because newspapers are only relevant for a short duration as one scans through it on a particular day. However, the Online Press Releases stay pertinent for a period of 9-12 months or even longer on the web.

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