Dhruv Tuli: Trending name in the Dalal Street Trading Circle

Dhruv Tuli: Recent and well-known name in the Dalal Street Trading Circle

Dhruv Tuli the youngest Multi-Asset Traders and Portfolio Managers in India

Delhi –

Professional Options Trading is a tricky field and Dhruv Tuli has mastered it over the past years. Born in a family of Stock Market Investors, Dhruv focuses on Technical Analysis and his personally designed strategies to keep the earnings from the Stock Market consistent.

Dhruv studied at the prestigious Modern School, Barakhamba Road in New Delhi, and pursued his Commerce Degree from Hansraj College, University of Delhi.

At the young age of 17, he discovered his interest for the Stock Market after winning a National Level Stock Market competition among 1000+ participants. He soon realized that making money consistently is not a piece of cake. Initially, he started like any other beginner, made a lot of mistakes, lost tons of money. Eventually, he stood firm to his dream of becoming a successful trader and finally became an expert. It took him 3 years to become profitable.

Dhruv Tuli established two startups while he was still in school which focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality. These ventures were an enormous hit and received incubation from several top Venture Capitalist Firms. His apps have received a 1M+ cumulative download count on the Google Play Store. He even holds the distinction of holding 75+ National and International Podiums in reputed competitions including the likes of KPMG, Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI) and others. This way Dhruv also got his initial trading capital.

Being a professional coder in 7 different languages since he was in sixth grade, Dhruv combined his coding and stock market knowledge to make his own indicator on TradingView. His DD11 Strategy, which recently got patented, and his personal setup have become extremely famous among traders in Dalal Street. Dhruv even wrote a research paper on “Intraday Strategies in Equity” during his college days which is awaiting publication.

After years of hard work and attaining a fruitful career in the market, Dhruv proposed to establish his own firm related to Stock Market Advisory Services. He named it IM Stocks. Currently, a team of 20 people manage the client base of over 5000 people spread across 80 Indian cities and 11 countries.

Presently, Dhruv is the director of two companies which are registered under the Registrar of Companies, New Delhi. He is also registered with the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and trained more than 2000 students at IM Stocks who are constantly making money from the Stock Market. He currently serves as the chief trainer and CEO at IM Stocks.

At the moment, IM Stocks is India’s largest Stock Trading Community and the client base varies from big corporate names to businessmen, housewives, students and new traders willing to enter the market. To cater to client needs to optimize the end results, the company offers online live training, personal sessions, courses, portfolio management and advisory services for anyone aspiring to earn from the Stock Market.

On enquiring about what motivates him the most, he quoted, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you work until you die.” According to him, people lose money in the stock market due to a lack of knowledge, copying other traders and going all-in with the savings one has in hand. He also believes that emotions play a big part in making or breaking one’s stock market career.

His advice is to never risk more than 2% of one’s capital and never try to beat the market. He firmly believes one must stay with the trend. His aim is to create a multitude of successful businesses in different fields and also wants to own a Hedge Fund. Dhruv’s constant efforts and dedication have given IM Stocks a competitive edge and a big name for itself in the market. The firm is widely known for its quality services and consistent returns. His work is visible his Instagram handle @investmentorstocks and his YouTube channel IM Stocks Trading Academy