DAO1 Blockchain project support India’s quick Covid19 recovery

DAO1 Blockchain project support India's quick Covid19 recovery - Digpu News

DAO1 seeks to continuously involve and engage the Asian communities and not only restrict usage to the western hemisphere.

The extent of India’s suffering from the coronavirus pandemic has shocked the world. But rapid intervention and advancement in vaccine rollouts have enabled progress. However, we are aware that the situation will take time to recover and there is a lot happening right now in India. What can we learn from this extremely complex situation? That certain speed, technological and financial innovation is key to progress. We believe that this revolution is happening before our eyes and we will recover stronger than before as a civilization. India will recover and thrive.

DAO1 has a solution. DAO1 wants to be a trendsetter in providing not only awareness and compassion to our fellow human beings but try and adopt approaches that could lead to a better world in the present as well as offering a more prosperous future.

As a community-led project, the main goal for DAO1 is to educate the wider public about the possibilities of change that can occur and to provide motivation for implementing real-life use cases: use cases that provide real-life value and offer clear solutions to common problems.

Why should blockchain solely be evolving around financial aspects, when in reality there is so much value in utilizing what we have available today in terms of technology and knowledge for a greater cause; Humanity and enabling human prosperity.

The brains behind DA01 knew at first sight, how difficult the situation in India currently is. Some of DAO1’s tech team is based in India and therefore, they have first-hand knowledge about the enormous challenge COVID-19 presents before the country. As an organisation, DAO1 seeks to continuously involve and engage the Asian communities and not only restrict usage to the western hemisphere. It offers all the platform features in the DAO1 ecosystem to help DAO1 community members feel empowered.


DAO1 aims to enable sustainable growth that continues to multiply into the future. It envisions being a project that stays and helps all community members evolve, learn and improve their financial situation through the promotion of financial inclusiveness, which DAO1 promotes.

DA01 has some incredible features that its ecosystem will offer to its community members. One such thoughtful part is the DAO1 Charity Initiative (Charitable collectables NFTs). The makers believe that charitable initiatives, especially during a global pandemic, are more important than ever. In the crypto space, they think it can have a massive impact in helping people support the causes that are most important to them.

DAO1 allows users to list their NFTs for sale or auction and proceeds will go to any given charity. Partnerships with charities will be announced soon as the platform begins to flourish. The organisation is committed to India and not only is DAO1 preparing to come to India as soon as it is allowed to do so, but additionally it is in the middle of coding an NFT to be released soon.

While the NFT market is not new, there are many issues related to copyrighting, storage, store of value and DAO1 can help improve grey areas. DAO1 is a living ecosystem meaning that the features and initiatives will evolve over time, and through this feature, DAO1 is trying to help artists donate their Art piece to bring forth for the needed cause.

Another one of its features involves hosting Hackathons for Developers. DAO1 believes that there is massive potential to tap into the growing Indian start-up ecosystem. They know that India has some of the most talented technical expertise, entrepreneurs and developers available in the global market. With its Incubation program and International Hackathon, DAO1 will add wings to the Tech geeks so that Indian Tech Innovation ecosystem can greatly benefit from DAO1.

Bridging Charity and Decentralized Finance, its aim will be to attempt and be the trendsetter for this kind of charity projects with NFTs instead of purely promoting speculative trends in this area. Focusing on its NFT Charity Initiative, DAO1 intend to raise funds for charities by using NFTs.

The makers say, “We will do a mix of inviting creators, and letting the community vet creators to showcase their work. COVID-19 doesn’t yet allow in-person interactions, however in the future, we plan a mix of online and physical meetups, as we do not want to exclude people from underprivileged territories facing financial limitations. An example in the post-covid world, is that the first two rounds of the hackathon would be online, and the teams selected to proceed to the third, would be fully sponsored to come physically.”

A lot of projects simply lack the needed coverage to prosper and often the scene is dominated by big players. So basically, we want to give India a big voice. We want people to rethink charity, rethink financial investing and technology, rethink aid and supplies and the whole chain of operation linked to challenging situations and a difficult environment we are living in today.

The company truly believes blockchain can be used to change everything and provide economical transparency and offer an overall improvement in people’s lives.