At Crystal Logic Pvt Ltd, Manoj Punjabi and team are redefining digital marketing strategies

At Crystal Logic Pvt Ltd, Manoj Punjabi and team are redefining digital marketing strategies - Digpu News

Crystal Logic has tailor-made solutions based on your requirements, irrespective of the industry you’re from. 

In the constantly evolving digital world, Manoj Punjabi and his team at Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. (D’Design Studio – A Subsidiary) are crafting narratives by using creativity, art, and data. As the digital landscape continues to transform, everyone is striving to be relevant to the market they’re in and the audience they target. 

The digital revolution is well and truly in full swing and Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. (D’Design Studio – A Subsidiary) is at the forefront of this revolution and that’s where Manoj Punjabi and his digital marketing agency Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. comes into play. The agency prides themselves on their skill and expertise in digital marketing and customized brand strategy.

As you would expect from one of the best digital marketing agencies in town, Manoj Punjabi’s team has tailor-made solutions based on your requirements, irrespective of the industry you’re from. 

About Manoj Punjabi

Simply put, he can be described as a visionary entrepreneur who leads by example. Having started his professional journey over 23 years ago, he has had a successful reign over the past 17 years as the Director of Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. and the Co-founder of its subsidiary D’Design Studio.

Under his tutelage, the agency has served clients across various industries from multiple geographies, while building a reputation as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. 

While talking about the agency, Manoj Punjabi said, “Over the past two decades we’ve designed & developed digital pathways for our clients through a customized strategy that has unleashed their digital evolution.”

“Our team consists of diverse minds, yet an identical mindset. A mindset that is destined to transform visions into reality.”, he added. D’Design Studio’s tagline is ‘Where Ideas Meet Execution’.

About Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. (D’Design Studio – A Subsidiary)

In today’s ever-morphing digital world, a brand’s perception is increasingly shaped by how they are viewed and experienced across digital platforms. We help you create a unique brand identity that stands out from your competitors.

And our approach is provocative, clear, visually striking, culturally electric, and timeless in nature. Creating a tangible relationship between your brand and the user, along the way. 

Our team comprises thought leaders and creators who propel your online presence through defined digital marketing practices. 

Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. is united by its desire to constantly make an impact through innovative ideas that break down the silos that help us deliver unrivalled customer experiences. 

The Services

The agency is known to deliver category-defining digital marketing and mobile application development services that connect brands with their customers. They follow SEO best practices to rank their clients on top positions on Search Engine Result Pages, making them the best SEO company in Mumbai. Their digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, Online Reputation Management (ORM) along with Website & Custom App Development.

The Clientele 

Crystal Logic Pvt. Ltd. lends its services across industries and sectors like Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality, Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), E-Commerce & logistics among others.

Their clients speak very highly of the company. Saloni Modi, Executive Director, Singapore International School, says, “We signed up for 2 websites and both have turned out to be phenomenal. Their ideas were fresh and were executed timely. I can only have glowing words of recommendation for Crystal Logic.”

“The Wadhwa Group believes in life long relationships and that is what we wished to communicate through our website. The delivery by Crystal Logic was beyond our expectations. It a pleasure to partner with them and we want to build on the great relationship we enjoy with them”, says Nitin Pandey, General Manager- Sales & Marketing, The Wadhwa Group.

“At TimesofMoney, traffic through search engines has been a key driver for our business but also a huge challenge considering the complexities of the platform. Having worked with Crystal Logic over the last 7 years, we can confidently say that we have seen consistent growth in our organic traffic through search engines, ensuring increased business for us”, Achal Shah, Head of Marketing at TimesofMoney Ltd., The Times Group commented on being asked about Crystal Logic.

The Company’s Futuremap

On being asked about the vision, Manoj Punjabi said, “Following the trend in today’s uncertain world is a safe and easy option, but that makes your brand just a follower, not a leader. That’s the greatest risk because ‘following’ stops you from standing out. My vision is to unleash a revolution in the evolution of the digital space”, he said.