Room Décor Ideas to Convert your PGs into your Home

Stanzaliving PG in Bangalore

DIY Ideas for the homely feel

Everyone longs for an independent life nowadays and what better way than to move to a new city for improved education/career opportunities and set up your own lifestyle there? Bangalore, as the Silicon Valley of India, attracts a host of youngsters who come with these dreams and settle into all that the city has to offer. This has consequently led to a rise in demand for good PG accommodation in Bangalore. With the growing presence of professionally managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living in the city, you now have the opportunity to find a convenient, fully managed, and an amenity-rich place. While these are well-designed places with beautiful rooms, a few special touches to the space can lend them your personality. With the pandemic situation outside as most of us are increasingly confined to our homes, it is an even more ideal time to get inventive and give your room a makeover with these fun home décor trends:

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Wallpapers for the Win

Wallpapers have clearly risen in fame over the years. They come in numerous shades and are easy to apply. Botanical wallpapers with their interesting flower patterns are on top of styling trends this year. These can be easily purchased online and these days you can even find removable ones, especially in case your PG accommodation or hostel in Bangalore doesn’t allow putting up anything on the walls.

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Plants are Evergreen

Indoor plants continue to be much loved even if home decor trends change every year. It is recommended that bringing in more plants into your space is a great source of inspiration and positivity that also helps purify your room better. Issues like work worries, exam stress, etc. can be relieved if you are in a calm, green environment. Money Plant, Areca Palm, Aralia, or Spider Plant are some of the most popular and easy to maintain indoor plants. You can also set up a desk terrarium with miniature plants and cacti. These can be easily procured online and these days full-fledging indoor gardening kits are available which makes your job easy. You can also invest in DIY planters in the form of old bottles and jars that can be painted beautifully for the purpose.

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Invest in Good Furnishings

The most long-lasting way to change the vibe of a room? Get some furnishings. Choose from bright colors, engaging patterns, or even quirky designs to instantly do up a place with minimal effort. Invest in good curtains, cushions, and sheets that can brighten up a place and add to your comfort. There are a host of fun room linen designs that you can easily find in online stores across price points.

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Funky Room Accessories

Who says your room can’t have some fun accessories – from multi-color fairy lights to quirky paintings, miniature desk décor to quirky wall quotes, you have so many little things that you can arrange to give your room a home-like feel. In case you are into a bit of DIY artwork, you can even spend this time letting your creativity flow and put together a fun showcase of your artwork.

These are some of the things that you can do in your PG in Bangalore to enhance its outlook. To book your room, you can look at some of the amazing options on and browse through their well-designed spaces for some room inspiration.