Collegedunia Study Abroad sees high conversion rates with over 2M monthly users

Collegedunia Study Abroad sees high conversion rates with over 2M monthly users

From providing details around eligibility and application process to offering insight to selection criteria, Collegedunia scholarship pages cover it all.

With over 2 Million sessions a month, Collegedunia study abroad has recorded the best conversion rates in September ‘21. Collegedunia Study Abroad assists the students in finding the right program and university abroad. The portal reports filing over 4000 college applications for major study destinations like Canada, US, UK and Australia with over 1K successful VISA applications.

The team of expert counsellors guide students throughout the application process, over 2500 students have opted for the counselling sessions from Collegedunia Study Abroad.

To cater the need of Collegedunia website caters students with personalized data insights with over 30000 reviews for global universities. The website also plans to connect students with the current students or alums of the target college, building up a strong network among peers studying in various countries and colleges. Collegedunia has over 300+ campus ambassadors who help in curating the university data. 

The website attains 89.10% of the traffic from the Search channels followed by Direct with 10.40%. 99.3% of the website traffic is acquired organically through web searches. 16.03% of the total users visiting the website are non-Indian, with 2.55% coming from the US, and 1.20% from Canada. With an average on-page duration of 2:45 minutes, each page offers much-needed insight to the users.

Advancing their extensive research and knowledge of world universities, destinations like US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, UAE, Germany, etc (14 countries), market trends, admissions, careers, Study Abroad Collegedunia enables students and clients to make more informed decisions.

Leading their paths to become a brief yet in-depth information source for all abroad related queries, various comments and questions are answered for students in real-time. Aside from the basic information, the website also offers rankings for universities from global agencies like QS, THE, US News, etc for students to make a more informed decision on their choice.

With over 400 exams on the website, Study Abroad details exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT through 2500+ pages discussing registration process, fees, score requirements, yearly cut-offs and more. Bridging the timeline gaps for consumers looking for information around these exams, the website engages in the latest news to enhance user experience.

Addressing one of the most common challenges of an international student- cost of attendance, Collegedunia Study Abroad has 550+ scholarships available to explore. From institutional scholarships to private organization-based scholarships, they cover all possible funding programs. From providing details around eligibility and application process to offering insight to selection criteria, their scholarship pages cover it all.

The study abroad project experienced tremendous growth in the span of a few years. Collegedunia enhances its student engagement process by a reward-based mechanism attracting students to provide valuable information and win cash prizes against the same. Furthering ahead, Queries (Q&A) specific to around 500 colleges have also been extensively acknowledged for better understanding the available options and choosing from the same.

Aside from all the details provided with the website, a student/consumer/client may not conclude a decision, Collegedunia has formulated in the answer for the same. Comparing some of the top colleges with each other and including details like fees, accommodations, student life, weather, etc, the feature allows students to check the comparison of 250+ study abroad universities in UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and Germany.

“We at Collegedunia have a core competence of handling each and every abroad query and offering value for the time you invest exploring the website. Our checks give a more immersive experience for the user and indicate strength in user engagement. Bringing an end to the hustle of juggling amongst websites, Collegedunia Study Abroad aims at becoming a one-stop repository to queries of all.” said Sahil Chalana, Founder, Collegedunia.