Collegedunia Study Abroad Program helps 1k+ Students Get Offers from UK & Canada

Collegedunia Study Abroad Program helps 1k+ Students Get Offers from UK & Canada

Undeterred by the pandemic, Collegedunia Study Abroad Program helped in profile assessment of visa applications, insurance, accommodation options, and more.

Collegedunia is a top pick for gaining counselling and technical help for students planning to study abroad. The company recorded assisting 3000 applications in the year 2020 alone and helped over 1000 students in the latter half of 2020-21. End-to-end support for admissions with universities in Canada, UK, and Australia is offered through Collegedunia Study Abroad Assistance Program.

The counsellors associated with study abroad actively worked to provide one-on-one support to all the students. Undeterred by the pandemic, Collegedunia Study Abroad Assistance Program helped in profile assessment of visa applications, insurance, accommodation options, and more. Some of the salient features for Collegedunia Study Abroad Assistance are:

  • Free profile evaluation and unbiased information on 3400+ universities and 1,50,000+ courses to study abroad.
  • Application fee waivers for more than 50 top universities in Canada, US and Australia.
  • Expert guidance on scholarship essays, allowing students to secure some form of funding for their studies abroad.
  • One-on-one interactions with campus ambassadors of 300+ client colleges.
  • For every 1 visa rejected we have 16 visa approved

Despite the on-going pandemic and irregularities amongst the admission policies in universities abroad, Collegedunia witnessed an upward trend in its study abroad queries and impressions. For UK and Canadian universities, a spike of as much as 100% was observed in the span of the last 6 months.

A huge decline was seen in the number of international applicants planning to study abroad with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Some of the major hits were seen by popular nations like the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. A 20% (average) moderate decline was observed among the top five host countries for international students during 2020 was reported by QS Survey. As per MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), in 2020, only 261,406 Indian students went abroad. This number was half of what was experienced in 2019 (588,931).

The education industry abroad, however, recovered with the opening of countries at the start of 2021. While recovering from the pandemic, certain countries put in an extra effort to make up their international student market and rise up the ladder of study abroad destinations.

For Indian students, Canada (215,720 students) became the top targeted nation, leaving the US behind with 211930 Indian students pursuing higher education. Aside from Canada, the UK emerged with their roadmap to recovery policies and attracted a large student population.

Some of the factors that resulted in the popularity of these countries and the change in trend during 2020 and 2021 is discussed below:

  • As per IRCC reports, the number of applications in January- April 2021 is around 75% of that in the entire 2020.
  • In the first quarter of 2021, observed a rise in Canadian immigration population by 82,000
  • Study permit approval rate for 2021 (initial four months) rose 15% of 2020
  • Implementation of UKs 2-year stay back policy from 2021, also pushed the number of international students who applied for higher education in the country.
  • India was marked under the amber list countries for international travels, easing the restrictions on travel as well as on-campus education.
  • A 13% rise in the number of Indian students applying to study in the UK was observed in 2021.

As the market opened, and the popularity of Canada and the UK as study abroad destinations saw a spike, Collegedunia observed a similar trend in its queries. Where in 2020 there were only 2,553,070 sessions recorded for Canada and 460,307 for the UK, in 2021 (Jan-Sep) 4,524,385 sessions have been recorded for Canada and 1,256,394 for the UK.

Sahil Chalana, the founder of Collegedunia, stated “The advancement in technology and overflowing information result is often confusing abroad aspirants. We have focused on providing detailed and personalized counselling to students for making the right decision. For every 1 visa rejected we have 16 visas approved. This indicates a 400% improvement prior to earlier intakes combined. Bringing an end to the hustle of juggling amongst websites, our professionally certified study abroad counsellors clarify queries and doubts in these unprecedented times. You can also choose to schedule a free counselling session with us.”

Queries among Canadian aspirants arose for popular universities like UBC, UToronto, Concordia, Trent, McGill, uAlberta. Some of the statistics that pointed towards the same were the rise in impressions received over the URLs of these with the Collegedunia website.

Some of the popular queries in Canada also revolved around PG Diploma courses, masters in data science, MBA courses, nursing colleges, and masters in computer science courses in Canada and more.

While Canada was the top-most choice for a diploma, certificate, and degree courses, the UK emerged as another favourite amongst the Indian students. The country’s post-study visa extension policy resulted in an upsurge of interest to study in the UK. Some of the popular UK Universities with Collegedunia have been The University of Manchester, Imperial College, King’s College London, Warwick, Middlesex, Essex, Newcastle University, Cardiff University and the University of Leeds.

For the academic session of 2020-2021, Collegedunia addressed the majority of queries for various UK institutions. In terms of courses, some of the popular queries from students planning to pursue studies in the UK included admission guides for BSc Nursing, MS Data Science, Masters in Psychology, and MBA.

Multiple brainstorming sessions with study abroad counsellors of the Abroad Assistance Program helped students resolve queries concerning the ongoing pandemic-related regulations of the admission processes in their preferred host countries and institutions.

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