Aspiring Social Media Giant Cachy aims to utilize a specialized AI algorithm to bring people together

Aspiring Social Media Giant Cachy aims to utilize a specialized AI algorithm to bring people together - Digpu News

Revolutionizing the way social media works says Cachy Founder Moksh Popli

As connectivity continues to increase, the benefits of social media have continued manifesting themselves, with individuals being enabled to choose how who and where to engage other like-minded users. So far, however, no application has fulfilled social media’s true potential in this regard, with looks still being given priority over thoughts and feelings. That’s where Cachy comes into play.

The idea behind Cachy is both simple and straightforward. The comany’s founder wanted to make sure that all people, no matter where they come from, have the opportunity to connect with each other based on what they think, feel and do. People are more than just skin, with beauty not being limited to the beauty of the flesh. And it is for this reason that Cachy’s specialized artificial intelligence algorithm has been invented. It is for this reason that Cachy is being set up. You are worth more than their pictures and videos are. And Cachy, therefore, seeks to give you the opportunity to show your true value by putting an end to “the swipe right attitude” that has engulfed the business models of various platforms in recent years.

Catchy’s unique features

Cachy is not only unique because of its ability to bring like-minded individuals together. On the contrary, their algorithm is just one of a collection of features that make this application truly special. For a start, Cachy comes with its own inbuilt end to end encrypted messenger. Whenever you message other users, safety and security are, therefore, more than guaranteed. Secondly, Cachy also enables high-quality media sharing while pioneering the concept of virtual “Clubs”, providing virtual spaces where like-minded individuals can come together to share, discuss, and observe.

Additionally, the artificially intelligent approach will not only enable individuals to further their connections but also businesses. This is because Cachy’s AI-powered connectivity can also be empowered to match up potential customers to products and services that they are in need of! It goes without saying therefore that Cachy is the right platform for you both if you’re an individual that is looking for a one-stop-shop that makes your life easier, as well as if you’re a start-up that is aiming to hit the ground up and running.

Message from Cachy’s Founder

As stated by Cachy’s Founder Moksh Popli, the inspiration behind this dynamic new platform is the will to do good. Last year, Popli even donated to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and in his own words, it was only natural to continue in entrepreneurial spirits by founding such an innovative platform. Speaking about the Cachy experience, Moksh Popli stated: “These past months have been very challenging for all of us here at Cachy. Revolutionizing the way social media works is never easy, let alone during a global pandemic! Yet when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And that’s what we are doing.”

Cachy will soon be launching in the United States and India, and as an aspiring social media powerhouse, they are keen on attracting the best global talent. Therefore, if you’re a whizz-kid who thinks they’d be a good fit to join Cachy’s ranks, you are encouraged to visit for more information. The company’s progressive and disruptive attitude is guaranteed not to disappoint.