Meet youth icon of 2020, Atul Kishan Sharma whose songs ‘Do ghoot’ and ‘Aukaat Mein’ are making Youtube trends

Meet youth icon of 2020, Atul Kishan Sharma whose songs 'Do ghoot' and 'Aukaat Mein' are making Youtube trends

The 22-year-old entrepreneur Atul Kishan Sharma has left no stones unturned and has emerged as a highly successful businessman and social media icon

Atul Kishan Sharma was born on 29 May 1998, in Faridabad, Haryana. He was oriented and inclined towards business from the very beginning. He started off in 2015 when he was just 17 and is now the founder and CEO of Kishan Events. His company is one of Haryana’s largest and most successful event organizing companies and has launched some of the most beloved and renowned artists of today, such as Akki Kalyan, Sumit Goswami, Shiva Pandit, Pranjal dahiya and YC Gujjar. 

All these artists are stunning the music industry after the successful launch by Atul’s company. The business, which he started only a few years ago, has become one of India’s leading artist organizing companies today. From Punjabi singers such as Karan Shembi and Parmish Verma to famous YouTubers such as Half Engineer, Jatin Sharma and Pradeep Khera, he has worked with all. Atul is very loyal and enthusiastic about his work, which he claims is the key to success. His brother Pulkit Sharma has always supported him throughout the journey, and he also lends his hands as a partner for his artist management company.

Apart from managing his company,  Atul Kishan Sharma also heads Rashi Cables which is a well-known brand in the cable manufacturing Industry. Due to his hard work and talent, he has become a popular social media icon and is gaining much prominence in the entertainment industry. Recently, Atul crossed 150k followers on Instagram and has once again proven his notion of a trend-setter.

He has a huge fan base on numerous platforms, and his online presence is becoming more influential and decisive day by day. He has already made his place amongst the top social media influencers of today’s age and is now said to be one of India’s most talented youth icons, which is remarkably an outstanding accomplishment for him. 

Atul Kishan Sharma has also recently released two songs called ‘do Ghoot’ & ‘Aukat mein’ which are trending on YouTube and are on its way to create history.  Together with the love and support of his family, he has finally shown the world that every dream is possible, and every goal can be accomplished if we work hard for it.