Never Face Loss, Theft or Distress Situation Anymore

Never Face Loss, Theft or Distress Situation Anymore

ARISTA VAULT, A technology startup has launched the series of SHE-BOT, which is a safety smart wallet with special features

Delhi, India 10TH MARCH 2021 –

ARISTA VAULT, A technology startup has launched the series of SHE-BOT, which is a safety smart wallet with special features.

Rising Cases of Lost and Theft & Women Safety needed the much-awaited & instant solution. According to NCRB there are 3,78,277 cases of crime against women.

And shockingly there are 25 lakh cases of loss & theft every year, only for wallet and mobile, which go reported.

Snatching, theft, burglary & distress situations are the major issues today for women, not only in urban area but in tier-2 & tier-3 cities also these are the major threat for women

Nobody can imagine the situation of falling into any distress situation or God forbid if on a one fine day you are out and got your wallet pickpocket or theft or mobile snatched. It is so fearful not only for the materialistic loss but also for the mental stress, pain and hustle one undergoes after facing the situation.

To handle the above problems Arista Vault has come up with an instant solution for every woman on the occasion of women’s day, “SHE-BOT”.

Anti-lost, Anti-theft Smart Wallet with Burglary and Pickpocketing alarm for SHE

This wallet will not only let happen any loss & theft but will also protect you from any distress situation. The features of SHE-BOT are as under:

  1. Pickpocketing/Theft Alarm -The most important feature of this Wallet is Pickpocketing Alarm, both on Wallet and Mobile. In case of any Pickpocketing or Snatching, Wallet and Mobile both start creating loud Alarming Noise and keep you and your wallet/mobile Safe. It is also called Burglary Alarm.
  2. Distress Alarm or find/Ring your wallet alarm – There is a Power button given in your wallet which is connected to your smartphone, so in an emergency situation, you can double click the button and your mobile and wallet both will start alarming, or simply to find your phone through your wallet and vice versa, you can press the button to find it.
  3. GPS Lost Location Tracker – If you have finally lost your wallet, don’t worry, just track the location of your wallet and get it. It sometimes becomes very important because it can also track your real-time location if in any situation.
  4. SOS emergency button- This wallet comes with easy to download app that connects easily through your smartphone and very soon Arista vault is updating it with SOS feature through which your wallet will notify your family members and important persons about your real-time location.
  5. Smart Selfie Button- There is Selfie Button given on the wallet, press it & Slay it.
  6. Charge your Mobile through your wallet is the last and useful feature. The power bank in the wallet is compatible with IOS, Android & C-type charging, which is handy in the wallet.

How to Use-

Connect through App – Ring & Track – Pickpocketing alert—GPS Map

  • Install the App from our Website or User Manual
  • Connect the SHE-BOT.
  • It will automatically search and configure
  • Use smart features like ringer, alert, location tracker & selfie.
  • Price starting from Rs 3000/- to Rs 6000/- for different ranges of She-Bot series based on features.
  • Easy to install and the user-friendly product comes with a luxury vanity packaging box in black & gold gives it a lavish class look.
  • Pure leather specially designed gives a nice touch and luxurious feel to the product.

And rare leather color combination of Pink-Black, Blue-Yellow & Black-Pink combination comes with connectors mesh user manual in butter paper and keep all accessories intact with 1 year warranty.

Arista Vault is incubated and supported by Electropreneur Park, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India and Launch was also successfully held under them with Chief Guest Director General STPI Dr Omkar Rai and other Eminent Guest as Anisha Singh, Founder She Capital and Squadron leader Sangeeta Thakur. They all unveiled the product, dedicated to women Safety, SHE-BOT. She-Bot is available on Amazon as well as on