Founder and Global CEO Raghu Subramanian with actyv team

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The buzz is palpable at, an enterprise SaaS startup with embedded Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment and Insurance option for businesses. Founded by Raghu Subramanian – the “rocket ship” is fueled by innovative product offerings and a mission to transform the global B2B supply chain by making business transactions faster and easier through AI. The company is already charting its own path and proving to be a market disruptor. has a strong client repertoire and is further looking to expand its footprint, globally in APAC, MENA, and Europe. The company, which recently received $5Mn in a pre-series A round from 1Digi Investment Management, Dubai, is also looking to raise its next round of funding from top global investors.

Their talent strategy is focused on building the right culture with the right people. The company’s hiring net covers a wide gamut of roles – from Solutions Engineers to a QA lead to a Financial Controller and many more. Along with the Indian market, is also looking at Eastern Europe as a great catchment area for top tech talent and an abundance of trained engineers. The company is predominantly focusing on Central and Eastern European countries like Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Estonia. Slovakia, Serbia, etc. while looking for people with significant skillsets. 

Beyond best-in-class salary and benefits, promises it’s “rocketeers” an opportunity to work on solutions that will redefine how enterprise supply chain ecosystem evolves and business-to-business payments happen in the future; and provide them with a chance to better understand the “big picture” by being a part of its growth story from Day zero.

Typically in a startup, the rate of growth is accelerated and gaps need out of the box solutions, at a lightning speed. is proving that it has a strong bent of creative problem solving. To address its need for full stack and backend developers, the company is organizing an online hackathon to identify the right candidates from the market. A first of its kind,’s ‘Working Student’ programme is a flexible offering offers a unique opportunity to graduate and post graduate students to “earn while you learn”.  The company is looking to hire a 100 people under its “Working Student” programme in the next few months, making the job market abuzz with its aggressive and innovative hiring model.’s approach is a mindset shift that may take time getting used to but one that would serve global businesses well in the post-COVID era. It’s a given fact that great businesses cannot thrive without the right people.’s quick-paced hiring approach is relentlessly focused on supporting, and in some cases driving, the company’s rapidly expanding business. As per a research report by McKinsey, companies that rapidly allocate talent to opportunities have more than twice the likelihood of strong performance and better results per dollar spent. 

So as’s website says, what are you waiting for? Get actyv, visit or  and come on board! 

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