Akshay Kumar launches ‘The Black Lover’ As Wearing Black Is A Lifestyle

Akshay Kumar launches The Black Lover As Wearing Black Is A Lifestyle - Digpu News

The Black Lover, headed by CEO Akshay Kumar has launched its eCommerce website theblacklover.com, a one-stop destination for lovers of black colour.

Among the endless variety of colours and combinations that the marketers trade with, black is the everlasting popular choice Whether a wedding or a night out, black is the new normal. From wearing it to the office to wearing it at a soirée, black has never disappointed.

Consequently, a submissive e-commerce platform, The Black Lover has launched its brand as a curated commercial center for the individuals who are fixated on the shading-Black. It has dispatched their image to fulfill your never-ending love for the colour-Black. It is regularly a delight to spot anything, which accompanies black in it. Moreover anyone and everyone can wear this color, because it highlights every beautiful skin colour. While splendid tones and whites fill their need in the late spring, ‘black’ actually knocks your socks off.

Ranging from tees to dresses, we have a trending collection all in black for all the dazzling ladies out there. One can simply pick the Girl printed tee, pair it with the Solid Black Jeggings, and the Traditional Bellies for an inky black look from head to toe. Indeed, the men are more likely to pull out the most basic tee from their closet for their ordinary wear.

Remembering this, we have an attractive range of printed black tees to suffice their everyday leisurewear needs. Our black polos have been exclusively designed for a smart and casual look while the all-cotton black shirt can give you a charming black semblance for a dinner date when matched with a denim and boat shoe. Besides, the same can be paired with the essential black tie for a formal look as well, since black is basic and simple.

The Black Lover also has an exciting and fresh range of athletic apparel for both men and women, with a fusion of black and pink, blue, green, and grey. The lovers of black will not be able to take their eyes off the site as an ethnic section is on the cards.

We will also be giving our customers the exclusive opportunity to customize their own à la mode attire with the base being in black. To top everything, it will be designed by the expert fashioners of The Black Lover. That’s not it! They will get their dream outfit a fortnight ahead of their special day. We also plan to launch personalized outfits on their birthdays to make the day even more special for our adored clients.

Simultaneously, our Black Store section has an exciting scope for coffee mugs, backpacks, caps, and wallets for millennials. The black cushions, stools, and the Buddha effigy can establish the pace in your home décor as black has the versatility to fuse into its environment.

What has made The Black Lover stand out from the other E-commerce websites? Yes of course their theme and quality products, and their segment for personalised orders, but what else? The Black Lover’s vision and their effort which is trying to create a difference in the world of the underprivileged. They have an upcoming segment- Angels of my Nation- the profits of which will be handed over to the various NGOs featured on the website. So when you buy anything from that segment, it’s not only a smile on your face, but also on the face of a child somewhere far away.

Being locked at home does not lock up our fashion sense too. The Black Lover’s vision is to overcome any issues between the pandemic and the millennials’ constant crave for fashion. You can wear the super comfy and funky pyjamas for a good night’s sleep or slide into your basic black tee for your work from home meetings. On the off chance, that you are a morning jogger simply ribbon up the high contrast sports shoe for a brisk run or a pair of slippers for a quick grocery run but hey, just don’t forget your mask!

To know more, visit www.theblacklover.com.