Aksha Kamboj, wife of Mohit Kamboj shares her thoughts on Parenting in Pandemic

Aksha Kamboj, wife of Mohit Kamboj shares her thoughts on Parenting in Pandemic - Digpu News

Aksha Kamboj, the wife of business wiz Mohit Kamboj and a proud mother of Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj shared her thoughts on the increased challenges of parenting in the ongoing pandemic. Children have lost structure in their day, which is essential for young minds, Aksha Kamboj observes as a mother of two young ones.

With online classes and home becoming a school, playground, and everything else in between, parents are having a hard time reaching that essential work-life balance and giving kids the sense of normalcy that had existed before. A management member in her husband’s KBJ Group, Aksha Kamboj is a super mom to Mishka Kamboj and Avyaan Kamboj who juggles her responsibility as a working woman and a mother every day. She opines that Parenthood needs a new formula to cope with the challenges in these times. Children have no outlet for their energies and have lost the daily rhythm of the day that had played a major role in disciplining them. Parents are pushed to find novel ways to interact with their children and engage their time productively.

With the lockdown and the onset crisis, children must be provided a sense of safety and strength against the turbulent times. Parents fear that in addition to the difficulties to maintain a healthy routine, the impact of the overall situation can prove harmful for children’s mental health and behavior. It is not a usual, carefree childhood that they are experiencing anymore.

Aksha Kamboj is a strong proponent for child nutrition and her expertise in lifestyle management helps her provide the best solutions and tips on both matters. She believes that both parents must take on the twin responsibility of being parents as well as teachers for the betterment of their children. In partnership with her husband, Mohit Kamboj, she plans the day in a way that both the parents spend quality time with the kids and have meaningful activities and conversations.

KBJ Group’s founder and CEO, Mohit Kamboj believes in joint parenting and ensures that he takes time out of his busy schedule to interact with the children and help them in studies and any other task in which they require his guidance. “Children must grow up with accountable and present parents who make the children a priority”, says Mohit Kamboj (now Mohit Bharatiya)

Along with looking after the kids’ emotional needs, the couple is also using this time to direct the children’s focus in finding hobbies and trying new activities. Reading is an important habit that we are trying to inculcate in our children, Aksha Kamboj shares. It is one of the best ways to ensure that the child grows up to be an empathetic adult, she adds. The children are also being encouraged to engage in other activities like dancing, singing, learning a new language, to limit the kids’ screen time every day.

The predicament that parents are facing is universally relatable. The couple stands as an example that even when the going gets tough, there is a silver lining to seek for parents and children alike. The crisis has brought families much closer as everyone is sharing the same physical space every day. There is more opportunity to know each other, learn together and just have fun side-by-side, hoping and praying that when the storm clears, we all come out stronger.

Aksha Kamboj is the wife of Mohit Kamboj, founder of KBJ Group. The couple lives In Mumbai with their two children. Aksha Kamboj is a devoted mother and her social work is focused on child nutrition, women empowerment, and promoting art.