Adopt G-Suite Technology to automate and scale your Business: Kewal Kishan

Adopt G-Suite Technology to automate and scale your Business: Kewal Kishan the leading business automation company which helps small, medium and micro business with G-Suite technology

With the upcoming latest technological advancements and big MNCs like Amazon setting up their feet in India, calls for an urgent need to adopt Digital Technologies in the Indian MSME Sector. Being a sector that contributes to approximately 30% of the GDP, the MSME sector is one of the worst affected sectors from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adopting technology, in each and every aspect of business can only help the MSME sector to sustain in the post covid era. It is no more an option, but a necessity for them to make technology an integral part of their business.

According to our survey, 90% of MSME Business owners struggle due to lack of systems. More often than not, they are run by the owners themselves or with little support. The most common myth among the Business owners is that they feel,  if they know how to do the technical work, they know how to do the business. The truth is that due to the absence of relevant technological skills suitable to their Industry they are unable to manage the entire business and hence they fail. They are just working as a technician and not as a business owner. They need to realise that they’re required to work on the business instead of working in it.

Business is built with two main things ie. People and Systems. People, when provided with the right systems, are able to exploit their full potential . Data is the new oil of the 21st century. One of the challenges of MSME is that their data is unorganised. Many of them are carrying out their Family Businesses passing on from generations and are applying the same outdated conventional means of working like using diaries or excel to the max. If the system crashes or the diary gets misplaced, the entire data is lost. With proper systems in place for data collection, data management and data visualization, detailed reports can be obtained, which can help in making better business decisions.

Another major problem that MSME suffers from is ‘daily firefighting in business’. For instance, day to day issues like order tracking, team management or inventory management. With proper systemisation, they can have a better control over their business operations. With right systems one can be made accountable for their work and performance can be analysed resulting in higher employee productivity & efficiency. With appropriate CRM, feedback and support systems in place, customers will be happier and stay loyal. With enquiry management and consistent follow ups, a good conversion can happen resulting in high turnover. With a great order management system, orders and deliveries can be controlled, meeting the deadlines than delays. All this will help the Business owner get extra time to focus on growth oriented tasks rather than transactional everyday activities.

The Indian MSMEs sector comprises 633.88 Lakh Enterprises (Source:, 2021) with higher number in rural areas than urban parts. But, hardly 10% of the business owners have systemized with the proper use of technology. Majority of them either hesitate to adopt technology or due to lack of awareness, end up choosing technology which does not suit their requirements.

Most of the time, MSME goes for the technology used by big MNCs like complicated and expensive ERP’s. Since, they themselves and their employees are not that tech savvy, they feel alienated while using such technology. This sector needs a more flexible and easy to use technological solution for their business. However, there is a light of hope for the MSME sector in India with the  technology developed by none other than Google which is known as Google Workspace (formerly called G suite). It offers a plethora of applications like Google Form, Google sheet, Google Keep ,Google drive etc. which when applied correctly can result in automating the entire business. The technology is highly secured and is comparatively affordable than other softwares in the market and if used with the gmail ID, it is absolutely free.

MSMEs are turning their heads towards tech startups who provide updated solutions and one such startup is done by Kewal Kishan. He is a leading Business automation expert who is playing a great role in training the Small, Medium and Micro sector covering almost all the industries like Manufacturing, Trading, Service, Construction etc., with the skills that can not only upgrade them but also offers readymade solutions for their business. He has made high tech content very easily understandable to all the non-technical entrepreneurs. Visit to understand how they are helping Business owners in India to scale their business.

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