Aabir Vyas aka belikeeaabirr on how he became famous for Ranting on social media

Aabir Vyas aka belikeeaabirr on how he became famous for Ranting on social media

Aabir Vyas took rants culture to the social media community and now it’s just been a few years the RANT culture is increasing day by day

HARDWORK, CONSISTENCY, AND PATIENCE- The three pillars on which his social media existence have stood strong and hopefully would grow more and more in the coming times. Hello guys, Introducing Aabir Vyas from the popularly known Instagram page belikeeaabirr. He’s a 22-year-old lad whose single goal is to become the biggest superstar and capture the entire world. And as impossible as it may sound, this goal works as the strongest motivation for him to hustle each day and live his dream. 

Aabir Vyas started making videos when He was 16 years old and all He had was an old camera which his parents bought when he was a kid. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue making those videos as the camera quality was way too poor but his parents promised him that if he gets 80℅ above marks inboards, they will gift him a DSLR Camera. Since he was an average student, getting 80℅ was like a dream to him but he was so determined to get the camera so he started studying day in and day out to cross 80 per cent score. And finally, he did it, he got 81℅ marks in his boards and as promised, he got the DSLR Camera. 

Aabir Vyas started making proper videos in the first-year college and though he hardly got 50-100 views, he still continued to make videos consistently and with complete patience and faith in his work. In this entire hustle, one day while he was coming back from his exam, He made a RANT Video in full frustration and that video crossed around 10k views. On that day he finally discovered the magic of RANTS and started making RELATABLE RANTS which made him reach from 10k to more than 200k followers in a very short span of time. Since he had to complete the entire rant in a minute to post on Instagram, he spoke too fast so that he can include maximum content in the minimum time.

Aabir Vyas took rants culture to the social media community where rants were hardly recognized but now it’s just been a few years and the RANT culture is increasing by the day. Also, everything comes with an opportunity cost and that for him was to not go for MBA, but he doesn’t regret any decision of his as being a content creator has been the most serene experience of his life and also got him to earn the same kind of money as he would have if he had opted for the former. But yes like every profession, here also he faced his share of ups and downs but every time he went down, he worked doubly hard so that he come back up stronger. 

Aabir Vyas is currently managed by a very eminent company and have done various acting gigs and even got a chance to go to several colleges as a guest where he got to meet his fans and had great fun with them. We hope that his experience brings out the best in you as it surely got the best of him.