A Versatile 100% Desi App for Content Creators

A Versatile 100% Desi App for Content Creators

Citizenchat allows users to create video content with a wide range of video-editing tools

“Which is the best video creation app to showcase my imagination and aesthetic sense to the world? How can I make my ad more appealing to the target audience?”, exclaimed Marcus. Marcus is a video production executive with a leading digital marketing agency in India. He needs to develop an eye-catching ad for an online baby store.

There are many Marcuses who are in search of the right video creation platform for myriad purposes. With the increase in online viewership, companies and marketing firms are in constant need of video content.  Social media video content is shared at a much higher rate than normal text messages or images. Videos, thus, increase social media outreach and help firms expand their customer base faster.

Likewise, videos enable bloggers, influencers, and celebs to personally connect with their followers and improve their fan engagement rates.

Enhance Marketing Mix with citizenchat

Citizenchat, a new chat interface, was designed with the sole aim of providing a one-stop solution to enhance communication and creativity. The name of this new app stems from the combined powers of individualism and knowledge.

Citizenchat allows users to create video content with a wide range of video-editing tools. A distinct feature of this app is that it is completely ‘desi’. In other words, it is a home-grown brand with a global presence.

The other unique feature of this app is that it has an in-app translator with over 100 languages. Users can, thus, create localized content in their mother tongue or regional language.

Using CitizenChat for Effective Marketing Campaigns

There are a lot more things that users can do with this app. They can capture the precious moments of their life and post them.

Unique Feature for Content Creation in CitizenChat are-

  • You can globalize their content by creating hashtags and also get ideas for content creation by viewing posts on trending hashtags.
  • You can post videos, pictures, texts, and audio
  • Share, save, or download videos you liked
  • CitizenChat has some amazing video editing tools for content developers to make their videos attractive and impactful. You can add music, voiceovers, special effects, polls, stickers, text, or filters to their videos.
  • Besides, you can modify the length of the videos using the ‘crop’ option.
  • Adjust the audio frequencies and volume levels as well and if you wish to modify the speed of the video, that too is possible.

Posting and Sharing

Users can post their video content by selecting a thumbnail. They can share the content with everyone or just a few people. The privacy settings allow users to limit the audience for their posts by choosing ‘private’ mode. Choosing the ‘public’ mode will make their posts visible to all registered users across the globe.

You can enable or disable comments on their posts and tag friends or family and convey messages. Users can follow celebrities or their favorite content developers and not miss any updates from them.

Professional Networking for Content Creation

Professional content developers can connect with like-minded individuals. They can create exclusive chat groups for creators and exchange ideas. They can make their profiles stand out by adding video introductions. They can share their resumes, business cards, and sample content along with personal information. They can also directly apply for suitable jobs by sharing their profiles with prospective employers. Professionals can also refer to their fellow Content creators through the referral app for jobs and projects.

Create Projects and Interact

A personal cum professional profile showcases their multiple talents. It enables them to bag content development projects advertised on the ‘CC Projects’ page of Citizenchat. They can also participate in relevant open contests on this page and win attractive rewards or cash prizes.

Skill-set Enhancement

Content developers and editors can enhance their skillsets by pursuing relevant courses from the ‘CC courses’ page of Citizenchat. The ‘CC courses’ have many course offerings for personal and professional development in many fields. High quality curated videos enhance users’ learning experience. This unique feature distinguishes Citizenchat from similar applications and social media platforms.


It is also the perfect platform for individuals to monetize their creativity through homepage advertisements, video content shared in audio or video calls, and in-app purchases. Businesses can also make profits from ads and in-app purchases.

How Users Find CitizenChat Different

Duet Mode

The ‘duet mode’ feature of this app allows users to undertake online challenges, voice opinions on various issues, react to videos, synchronize music, etc. Thus, this is a golden platform for a user to become an overnight sensation. Influencers or celebs can treat their fans with fresh and exclusive content. This will also help them expand their fan base.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Companies can organize influencer marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience. Such campaigns enable organizations to identify target markets and create brand awareness among the masses. Influencers and celebrities play a major role in affiliate marketing and brand promotions. Affiliate links posted on their profiles will enable commoners to know more about a firm and its offerings. This in turn will enable companies to boost their sales.

Versatile Video Editor

As opposed to the current video editors, which are mostly ‘video-only’ app, Citizenchat allows users to share both videos and photographs. It also allows posting stories and feeds. Thus, it is another channel akin to Instagram, for driving all types of content. It also promises a 100% entertainment value as an advanced video streaming platform.

Interface Utility

CitizenChat offers a large number of fascinating wallpapers and themes to users for beautifying their profiles. Profiles created in ‘dark mode’ exude a different charm. Users can also update their ‘mood status’ using color dots, each representing a different mood.

Users can also opt for a premium profile to increase visibility. Usually, influencers, celebs, or businesses go for this option. A verified profile with a premium badge improves authenticity as they are more prone to identity theft on social media platforms. Users and professional content creators can also choose this option. They can post jobs, market their business, or work which is not possible with a free profile. Moreover, premium users are entitled to special privileges.

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In short, Citizenchat is useful for targeting and retargeting audiences and understanding demographics. It aids in visual marketing and brand-building. It is an all-in-one platform to experience content from a global talent pool as well as create content for a global audience.