Small-town girl makes her mark in eCommerce with ‘Make in India’ apparel design

A small-town girl makes her mark in eCommerce establishing her ‘Make in India’ apparel design and manufacturing business

The story of a young business-couple who have leveraged their trust, working styles and personal skillsets to grow their company successfully.

When life throws challenges, you might just need making a door to let in opportunities. Succeeding in business is tough; but it can be a humongous task for women entrepreneurs, considering all the family responsibilities and social burden they carry on their shoulders. Still, we have so many successful business ladies who have marked their mettle against all sorts of difficulties in India. Khushei Aggarwal is a proud member of the same fraternity. She is also a successful homemaker and a mother of two. 

Khushei Agarwal & Himanshu Gupta are a well-known name in Delhi NCR region for their private label manufacturing company Casa Joya.

This wife-husband entrepreneur duo brings together their shared values, trusts and professional insight in the business. Their familiarity with each others’ work styles, passions, and unique skills fueled the success of Casa Joya.

Khushei has years of management experience in the corporate industry and a teenage passion in apparel design and making, while Himangshu is an IT professional by training. They started the business in 2012 just after getting married.

Himanshu left his full-time IT job and took the responsibility of managing operations in 2014 as Casa Joya started growing significantly. Khushei now concentrates on design, product development and manufacturing. Their experience can be an inspiration for many others willing to start their entrepreneurial journey in eCommerce.

Casa Joya helps to launch your clothing range with limited budgets. It is a full-package apparel manufacturing service covering 150 product categories, including 25 majors categories like sportswear for men, women, kids wear, home furnishing and many others. Along with manufacturing, Casa Joya supports product design & development, quality control, shipping and end-customer management for anyone willing to launch their garment labels and brands.

Today, the company is a ‘Make in India’ success story with over 1 lakh pieces’ monthly production capacity and inventory of over 12,000 items at any point in time. It is not a small feat considering the company’s age and the limited capital Khushei and Himanshu started with a few years back.

The growing popularity of e-commerce in India helped them achieve their dream as Casa Joya is now active on all the major online platforms. It owns brands like Chrome & Coral sportswear for men and women; Crease & Clips western clothing range for women, and soon-to-launch online store Klick2Style.

Anyone who dreams of launching their clothing line, can connect to them at as well as reach out to