“2022 Will Be a Crucial Year for KBJ Group”, Says Mohit Kamboj on Business Expansion Plans

“2022 Will Be a Crucial Year for KBJ Group, Says Mohit Kamboj on Business Expansion Plans

Mohit Kamboj is ready with plans for business expansion in different sectors for the KBJ group. This will include real estate, hospitality and the chemical industry.

KBJ Group is one of the fastest-growing brands in India, owing to the broad vision and expansion plans of Mohit Kamboj who has laid the foundation of the organization. KBJ Group is a brand that deals in various sectors such as jewellery, real estate, agriculture, bullion, along with active social work to help the upliftment of society.

Mohit Kamboj is ready with plans for business expansion in different sectors for KBJ group which will include real estate, hospitality and chemical industry. The brand is now venturing into the production of Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) by setting up a plant in Bihar. Ethanol is an active ingredient of cosmetics, polishes, plastics, drugs, etc., and hence has a vast market size.

Furthermore, the Indian government has set a goal to promote ethanol-blended vehicle fuels and increase domestic ethanol production in the next five years. Mohit Kamboj has taken it as an opportunity to further expand the growth of KBJ Group. Mohit Kamboj has been in active discussion with the Industry Minister of Bihar, to further the process of setting up the ethanol plant.

Speaking on the rapid expansion of the KBJ Group, Mohit Kamboj quotes, “As entrepreneurs, you need to have the insight to grab opportunities as they arise. At the same time, it is also important that on your journey to growth, you also contribute to society. Therefore, each venture under the KBJ group also is subject to contributing socially to society. Our new venture with the development of an Ethanol plant in Bihar is also aimed at contributing to the government’s vision of promoting the produce of domestic ethanol. This will, in the long run, help the common man in getting high-quality goods and products produced with the use of ethanol.”

As of 2022, KBJ Group plans on expanding its services in the real estate sector as well. Two major ongoing real estate projects under the flagship of KBJ Group include- The Luxor, which is a residential project in Goregaon, and KBJ Grand, which is a 5-Star Hotel in Varanasi. With these two mega products, the objective is to develop a strong ground in the real estate market across North India.

The Luxor is a residential project with 138 flats equipped with all amenities. The flats will fall under the category of 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK, 3.5 BHK, and Duplex Flats, thereby taking residential construction to the next level. It will provide the buyers with a plethora of options based on their requirements and budget. On the other hand, KBJ Grand- 5 Star Hotel is a premiere property displaying extravagance and luxury. It will focus on providing a premier experience to the guests who will remember their stay for exceptional hospitality and a luxurious environment.

With so much in store, Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya is all set to make it big in 2022, with these mega projects making their way in the market. Establishing high standards of authenticity, trust, and excellence in the business world, KBJ Group will also open various employment opportunities for the talented population of the country.